What is Kaam24 for Jobseeker?
Kaam24 is the one-stop platform for blue collared and entry level jobseekers looking for jobs.
Registration & Account
How can I sign up on Kaam24?
An account can be created for free by entering mobile number followed by providing the basic profile credentials, e.g., name, email id, city, job category etc., and verifying via a One-time-password (OTP) to complete the sign up process.
How do I sign in to my account created on Kaam24?
A registered Jobseeker can sign in to his account by entering either his registered mobile number or email followed by the password.
What to do if I am unable to sign in on Kaam24?
In case you are registered jobseeker and unable to sign in, please mail us at [email protected]
How do I get new password, if forgot?
A registered Jobseeker can reset old password by clicking on "Forgot Password" option given on sign in page. After verifying the credential via a One-time-password (OTP), he can create a new password.
How do I change my password?
A registered Jobseeker can change his password via following process. Account Sign In > Profile > Settings > Change Password.
Why do I see the following message after I enter my mobile number - "You are already registered as a Jobseeker or Employer / Recruiter with us."
Kaam24 policy doesn’t allow a single number to be registered both as an Employer / Recruiter and a Jobseeker and more than one account in a particular capacity. You see this message because the number you entered has already been used to create an account by an Employer / Recruiter or a Jobseeker. Therefore attempting to sign up again with the same number to the Kaam24 will result to failure.
Why is my email needed during sign up process?
We require an email because it helps in sending & receiving communication and also in verifying whether the Jobseeker actually belongs to the mentioned email address. A verification email is sent to verify that the provided email address actually exists.
Can I change the mobile number and /or email address provided during sign up?
Yes, you can change the mobile number and / or email address provided during sign up. Simply login to Kaam24 and go to the “Profile” section. Click on the ‘Edit’ icon next to your profile photo in order to edit the mobile number and / or email address (and other details if required). Please note that once the mobile number and / or email address is changed we will once again send an OTP and / or verification email to the updated mobile number and / or email address.
Searching Jobs
Where can I search Jobs?
You can search the jobs by clicking “Search” button and refine the search result by applying the different parameters given under “Filter” option.
Safety and Security
What to do if Employer / Recruiter asks for money?
You should refrain from making payments to the Employer / Recruiter. You should also notify such cases to us at [email protected]. Kaam24 will not take responsibility of any payments made to employers / recruiters for seeking any job.